Spring 1999

According to the British Motor Heritage Trust certificate, this car was assembled 9-11 April, 1962 and 'despatched to an unknown dealer' from Abingdon on 25 April - like so many, it went to California.

It was first titled in Santa Clara, CA. in 1963 with license tag 'DDF-608'. Supposedly, it was given to a young woman as a high school graduation present. After doubtless providing much fun during her college years, it passed through several subsequent owners.

I purchased the car in 1978 and drove it for several years - it was gray then...

Spring 1979

.. plus it was tired and needed nearly constant attention. I dreamed of restoring it to like-new condition, but it took MUCH longer than I thought... A new job found me travelling instead of playing with the MGA - one day it needed more work than I had time..

It sat under tarps for several years in California, then moved to a dry garage in the state of Washington...finally a garage! Someplace to work - but what should be done first?

... but a classic error was made... click the arrow to see the error and follow the story & pictures of the restoration.