Epilog: GHNL-2-108477
October 30, 1998 - GHNL-2-108477 drives home under its own power! Just a bit over six months since the project started - but 21 years and 2 weeks since I purchased the car.

It is almost exactly the way it rolled out of Abingdon thirty-six and a half years ago. Same colors and with mostly original parts. Even the original bolts were replated & reused when possible.

To celebrate my 50th year, I'm driving to Tahoe for NAMGAR's GT-24 - I missed the one in 1980 and I was living in Germany when the Seattle GT was held in 1987 - but I will make up for it this year.

This project was a wonderful exercise and one that lived up to most of my expectations. I learned a lot, developed tendonitis in my right elbow (from wrenches) and missed every schedule I set for myself. There are a few things I'd do differently, but not many.

Next year is 2000 - and to celebrate that, I have another project planned... Click forward one more time to see that project.